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Who is Odesza


Odesza is an American electronicmusic duo from the United States. The group comprises Harrison Mills, Clayton Knight and Clayton Knight. They were previously known as Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches. The duo was formed in 2012, shortly after the duo completed their studies at Western Washington University. Although the pair began to make music together in 2012, they were acquainted with one another as a team. Despite not having any previous experience in music both were brought to each other by their shared love of the music genre.

The ODESZA fans are not just enthusiastic and loud, but they also show an intense sense of community. Their shows and concerts draw fans from all over world, and they’ve sold out shows across the globe. The duo recently released their third album of full-length, ‘A Moment Apart’. A Moment Apart features sixteen tracks, and is brimming with glowing synth lines as well as heavy atmospheres. The result is an album that’s both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly catchy.

Following the debut album’s release, ODESZA embarked on a tour of North America in support of “Say My Name.” It was also selected as a Vimeo Staff Choice. ODESZA’s “Say My Name” video was aired on radio stations MTV Hits and MTVU. Since then, the band has collaborated with other artists and released a compilation album “Family Edition.” In September of 2017, the band released their third studio album, A Moment Apart. This LP proved to be a commercial success, getting the number one spot on several online retailer’s electronic album charts.

ODESZA began a huge North American tour after finishing his highly anticipated album. ODESZA sold out Coachella several times. The summer of 2014 saw the group remixed ZHU’s smash “Faded” and the song climbed to the top ten position on the Hype Machine chart. The group performed in Australia and then returned to the United States to continue the momentum of their second album.

ODESZA has been on the radar for the past few decades, but their music has become a massive success in electronic music since 2012. The duo was formed in 2012, and they released their second album, A Moment Apart, in 2017, and it has become one of the best-selling albums of the year. The group is located in the Pacific Northwest and has performed in major cities all over the world. Their versatility and ability to include a broad musical palette into their music is what makes them unique. They also have outstanding vocalists.

ODESZA is currently on tour in ODESZA is currently touring the United States and Australia in support of their third album. The live shows of ODESZA are distinguished with incredible vocals as well as a vibrant sound. Live performances by them are emotional and spiritual, and they have been praised by critics and their fans. Their first two albums are essential to anyone who loves electronic music. You will be surprised when you discover you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing about the band before.

ODESZA’s debut album, A Moment Apart, was released in September 2018. The duo has been creating music since their college days. The album they released as their debut, Summer’s Gone was released in the year 2012. It reached the top spot at No. 3 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Chart. The band’s third studio album, In Return was a huge success, reaching the number. It peaked at the number. 3 on the Billboard 200. It also got an Grammy nomination in 2016.

A Moment Apart is a strong debut album from the new electro-house artist. The album’s “Corners of the Earth” track is an exceptional illustration of the duo’s finest work as RY X lays down a intoxicating and mysterious feel. The album’s “Line of Sight” is another standout and is a subtle change in the tone. Electronic music enthusiasts will enjoy the album to be a great and diverse selection.

ODESZA’s debut album, “In Return”, was released in September 2014. In Return is an electronic masterpiece with pop influences that is jam-packed with infectious hooks and an atmospheric ambience. Some of the most popular tracks are “Corners of the Earth” and “Asheville”. The tracks feature vocals from RY X and Madelyn Grant. If you want to know more about ODESZA learn more about it!